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At GreenPleco we create the things that people like you want. We created the Plecostomus Plush or Sucker Fish Plush because we love that fish. We are also going to have other Plecostomus Plush this year. If you can’t wait to have the new Pleco Plush you can help by donating to speed up the process.

At GreenPleco we have created some of the coolest and most unique app you will ever have. One of the apps is GreenRiver, on this app you get to build up your aquarium and you do it by collecting pearls in a river. Unlike most apps out there with GreenRiver you build up your aquarium by getting better at the game and not by buying more upgrades and spending more money. You will have lots of fish to chose from in the GreenRiver app.

We also have an app called Talking Doll Mina. With the Talking Doll Mina app you will be able to prank your friends and have fun doing it. We all like horror movies so with Talking Doll Mina we made a horror app. Now go check out our apps and products!

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