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GreenPleco Games

We have some games for your iPhone and iPad you will love.
They are all fish related! That alone makes them awesome.


iPhone iPad Android

We did a total reboot for the GreenPleco App and now have the following:

You will now be able to shop for GreenPleco Original Plecostomus Plush. With the world wide popularity of the pleco plushies we have made it even easier to get them. We did this because people all over the world kept asking how they can get there hands on a Plecostomus Plush.


GreenPleco iPhone

AR Images
Augmented Reality has become huge in the last couple of years. We wanted to be part of this and specially wanted people like you to experience it. We have several AR you can experience depending on what images you have. When you try the AR section of the app it will guide you on how to use it. It is very easy!


GreenPleco iPhone

The game is a total upgrade from the original. We are now a 3D game not 2D. You are a Plecostomus Fish in a river and the goal is to collect coins and see if you can get a perfect score. There are hidden rivers and shortcuts but you will have to explore all the river to make sure you get all the coins. You will be playing for hours just to prove to yourself you can get the perfect score.


GreenPleco iPhone

Immerse yourself in brand new worlds like never before thanks to an emerging generation of Virtual Reality experiences. This app will take you into the GreenPleco world like you have never seen before.

They are the perfect app for every one specially people who love fish.

GreenPleco iPhone GreenPleco iPhone GreenPleco iPhone GreenPleco iPhone GreenPleco iPhone


GreenRiver iPhone

GreenRiver iPhone

GreenRiver HD iPad

GreenRiver iPad

GreenRiver HD Free
PC Version
GreenRiver Free PC Version

To download PC version do the following:
1. Click on the above image.
2. Download the file to your desktop.
3. Extract the to your desktop.
(Just click on the file to do this)
4. Go into the extracted GreenRiverHD folder and click on the GreenRiverHD.exe application.
You are now ready to play. Use the left mouse button to select and move in the game.

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